Water Slide Races?


Water Slide Races? Yes, just like Quarter Horse time trials. Thursday night the RTIP hosted the new academic year back to school social at the Westin La Paloma pool. The RTIP students competed in time trials on the water slide there.


August 23, 2013

The summer always goes by quickly and it is time for the students to return and the semester begins.

A lot was done over the summer but I thought without the students here the day to day activities to report on are not as fast paced as the academic year.

This summer we had a change - RTIP alum, Liz Bracken, joined the faculty to replace the retired Steve Barham. Interns from the east coast to the west were visited by faculty and completed their internships and are heading back to campus.



I hate to say it but every spring when this date comes I am happy.  Finals are over and the end of a long semester is concluded.

A number of the RTIP students are going to graduation ceremonies today and tomorrow and others are on their way home for the summer or off for a summer internship.  I believe students and faculty alike are welcoming the change of pace.

I will now begin planning my summer projects, some vacation, and of course we are working on Symposium planning.

Where Did April Go?

May 3, 2013

The month of April was a blur and that was the reason I have not posted on this blog for quite a while.

I think the month of April is perhaps one of the two busiest months for me. Of course, the other is the month leading up to the Symposium. April is normally just as busy because I have a heavier teaching load and the courses I teach in the spring semester are loaded with large projects for the students and a greater number of assignments. With the major projects in my classes both due in April, it makes a tough month for students and faculty.

Guest Lecturers


We have passed the half mile pole (spring break) and each spring semester is very busy for faculty and students. We tend to have a few more racing classes in the spring semester compared to the fall semester due to the work required for the symposium. The spring semester courses are also more projects oriented.

We also have guest speakers scheduled after we get at least a few weeks of the semester going.

Quiet Week


Spring break is always quiet around campus and gives me some time to catch up on things mid-semester. This week was no different.

The two chores that took up most of my time this week were grading the budget project for students in Ans 441 and reviewing applications for the associate coordinator position. The search committee will meet next week.

Almost Everyone is Ready for a Break!


It is the Friday before spring break. Almost everyone is in class today (I guess the few missing could not wait for a break?)

It is about this time each spring that the students now feel overloaded with tests and projects for most of their classes. I can tell you that most of the instructors are also ready for a slowdown from preparing projects, tests and grading them.

Over Regulated with Speakers


It was another busy week at the RTIP.  The Peter Selin Memorial Happy Minute, as always was great fun Sunday.  There were a number of alum and students at Rillito.  Having an occasion for RTIP folks to gather at a racetrack is always special.  Alum at Rillito included: Wendy Davis, Deb Fendenheim, Libbie Gabriel, Jon Hanson, Peter Parker, Richard Scheidt, and Scot Waterman. With no computer bettors in the crowd, I managed to grind out a $45 profit for the day too!

Peter Selin Memorial


This week has been busy, fun and typical of mid-semester.  It is highlighted by remembering and visiting with RTIP alum.

Sunday, February 24 will be the sixth annual Peter Selin Memorial appropriately called the "Happy Minute."  I will start by thanking three alums: Richard Scheidt, Scot Waterman and Michael Costanzo for making the race possible through their race and purse sponsorship at Rillito Park.