Test Results


As expected the racing office class did very well on their first test.  I was pleased with the results but I did warn them that things get more technical moving forward. This week in that class we looked at race conditions, did examples of checking if horses were eligible for races and determining the weight allowances the horse was entitled to.  We also talked about the rules and process of claiming a horse. It is interesting to recount how the rules of claiming have evolved over my lifetime.

One Thing You Can Count On. Change.


The semester is in full swing and the workload has increased for everyone. This week was also the RTIP’s announcement of the opening of a job search for a new lecturer and associate coordinator. 

Discussing Policy and the Matrix


This week at the RTIP was a pretty typical week.  You can tell that the semester is progressing enough that the students are becoming busier with projects, homework and studies.

Power Outage Delay


I tried to post my blog last Friday on the activities at the RTIP but due to construction on campus, the building where our server resides was shut down. The department server was down all weekend and therefore my report on last week is a few days late.

The highlight of the week was the arrival of the first Hirsch Speaker for the speaker series.

Full Week of Classes


This week completed the first full week of classes.  The spring semester is usually a very busy semester for students and faculty.  There are quite a number of projects and the work load has already begun for many of the students.

Back At It


The New Year and the new semester are here.  This week was the first week of the spring semester and as they always are, it was fairly hectic.

Holiday Break on Campus


Today is the last day before the campus shuts down for a week.   It has been a pretty quiet week. The students are all gone for the break.  This nice quiet week gives the faculty a chance to prepare for the next semester.

The campus is closed next week to save on utilities etc.  We have the option of taking some vacation days or working from home.  I plan to do a little of both.

Symposium and Finals


The past two weeks are always busy for everyone at the RTIP.  Last week was the Symposium and fall semester finals began last Friday, the day after the Symposium.

Twas The Night Before...


No it is not the night before Christmas of course!  It is the end of the week here and we move to Westin LaPaloma this weekend to set up for the Global Symposium on Racing & Gaming.

This week is a nightmare of sorts every year.  In my opinion, the week before the event is more difficult than the event itself.


 November 21, 2012

Everyone here at the RTIP has been quite busy the past couple of weeks. The Symposium is less than two weeks away and the semester is near the end. 

Denise and Betty have been very busy with many last minute preparations for the Symposium.  Denise has dealt with the marketing, program design, signage and many other tasks.  Betty has dealt with a new database and online registration, hotel reservations and numerous requests for help with the Symposium.