Breeders' Cup Week

 November 2, 2012

It is another quiet Friday but for a different reason.   There are a few students working on projects in the computer room this morning, Steve is teaching classes and Betty is busy working on Symposium registrations.  But, Wendy and a great number of students are probably making their way into the Santa Anita racetrack about now.

Too Quiet

 October 26, 2012

The week has gone by fast and as I look at the calendar and the remaining classes left for this semester I realized the semester has gone by just as fast.

As I write this it is way too quiet here at the RTIP offices.  I sit here alone so if I have a typo or two I will blame it on multi-tasking and phone interruptions!

International Racing

 October 19, 2012

We are now well into the international racing curriculum in my Racing Business, Strategies & Global Perspectives class.  I enjoy this part of the curriculum a lot as it is a diversion for the usual material and I think the students don't mind because most of them find it interesting and since we look at so many countries we cannot delve too deep making the material slightly easier.

Return from Tampa

 October 12, 2012

I like the travel and I hate the travel!   It can be great to get out of the routine and I learn a lot when traveling to different industry events.  It is great to always see former students at these functions.   That might be the best part.   But, the travel is not as much fun as it was and there is always lots of work when you get back.

Mid Term & Travel

 October 5, 2012

I travelled to the simulcast conference this week so I scheduled a mid-term for the students. Steve was nice enough to proctor the exam for me in my absence. Of course I have to grade the mid-terms so I will take them home with me over the weekend.

Students Thoughts

September 28, 2012

Next week I will be traveling to the simulcast conference in Florida but the students don't get off too easy. On Tuesday, while I am gone, they must take their mid-term exam in my class.  I have not seen any agenda published for the simulcast conference so it will be interesting to see what was planned. 

Night School

September 21, 2012

It was another busy week at the RTIP.  It always is in the fall as we deal with the usual class loads and in addition the planning for the Symposium.

The week started fixing some glitches in our new online registration and database.  Once it appeared we had that fixed we offered a special one week offer of the early bird ($100 discount) registration to the Symposium good until Sept. 24.

Join Us Tonight on Horse Player NOW Night School for "Careers in Racing"

Night School logoNight School, the racing industry's national online fan education program, offers fans a glimpse at what it's like – and what it takes – to make "Careers in Racing" in this evening's session. The season's 33rd of 40 Night School lesson plans begins at 8:30 p.m. (ET) and will include myself as well as HRTV on-air hosts Joanne Jones and Peter Lurie.

Out of the Gate

September 9, 2012

We can tell that the semester has kicked into gear and the students are starting to get their agenda full of assignments.  More students are coming into the office to visit with faculty, ask questions and get help this week.

First Week of Classes

August 24, 2012

The first week of classes at the U of A and the RTIP was this week.   We have about 17 new students. I think all of our returning students made it back safe?  

We have some new international participation this semester in the student body.   The Korean Racing Authority has sent a new executive in residence to the RTIP for the academic year and they expect to send another in January.  We also have two exchange students from Ireland from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.