What would someone from the University of Helsinki be doing at the RTIP in Tucson?

The first guest speaker of the fall semester was Pauliina Raento, PH.D., a professor research director at the Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research. Pauliina spoke to students giving them an overview of horse racing in Europe. It was a great introduction to the next topic in my class this semester, an international racing overview.

Dr. Raento was nearby in Las Vegas for the GIIE conference and we were able to have her extend her stay to lecture to students at the RTIP. Pauliina is also the owner of a trotter that is preparing for a racing career. Students may have thought of racing in the US when she explained the diversity of how racing is organized and administrated in the various EU countries.

It has also been busy around the offices as everyone is working in preparation for the Symposium in December. The agenda is now available and we expect to announce the majority of speakers in the very near future. Once again the topics this year will be diverse with speakers from around the globe and speaker that are racing insiders and experts from outside the industry presenting new or alternative ideas.