It was another busy week at the RTIP.  The Peter Selin Memorial Happy Minute, as always was great fun Sunday.  There were a number of alum and students at Rillito.  Having an occasion for RTIP folks to gather at a racetrack is always special.  Alum at Rillito included: Wendy Davis, Deb Fendenheim, Libbie Gabriel, Jon Hanson, Peter Parker, Richard Scheidt, and Scot Waterman. With no computer bettors in the crowd, I managed to grind out a $45 profit for the day too!

Shawn Davis allegedly bought the winning horse, Freshside, before the race making him the winning owner of the Selin four out of its six running's.  Since the trophy is a mounted beer stein from the Buffet Bar, it might not be long before Shawn has a six pack of steins to celebrate with.

The RTIP had two guest speakers this week in classes.  Eddie Arroyo, chief steward in Illinois, spoke in the racing office class and the Joe Hirsch speaker forum.  Mr. Arroyo spoke about the interaction between racing officials and the stewards in the racing operations class and recalled a number of stories that illustrated the importance of using proper protocol and communication. During the Hirsch speaker series he told about regulation and stewards during his riding days in the 70s and how things have changed today in the steward stands today.

Dr. Rick ArthurDr. Rick Arthur, equine medical director for the California Horse Racing Board, was also a guest professor this week and spoke in the regulator class and the equine form and function class.

It is also near spring break for the students so tests are swarming the students.  I left Friday for the Harness Racing Congress so unfortunately for the students in my two classes tests were given.