Spring break is always quiet around campus and gives me some time to catch up on things mid-semester. This week was no different.

The two chores that took up most of my time this week were grading the budget project for students in Ans 441 and reviewing applications for the associate coordinator position. The search committee will meet next week.

It was very quiet here this week. Wendy was in Houston and Louisville for the AQHA Youth Program and a ROAP board meeting, while Steve moved June, his wife, into their new retirement home in Oregon. Thankfully Steve is coming back, or so he told me, to finish out the semester. Betty took some time off this week so it left me and Denise to hold down the fort.

Our grad student, Christina, and I met with a statistics grad student to get some help with Christina’s professional development project which she must complete to finish her degree this semester.

Of course working at the U of A you don’t lose sight of the fact that this is March Madness time and we are hoping the Cats can have a late season run. I did take a long lunch this week to watch them in the Pac-12 tournament at a local spot here on University Blvd. near our office.

Next week it is the return of students and they face the challenge of two tough projects in my classes. If students have not started the Matrix project they need to attack it now or they will face a few “all-nighters” before it is due. The other class has a new simulcast project and I plan to have a study session outside of class to help those that want it. I think this project will be more challenging than the budget project because they need to do some forecasting and analysis on what future changes may impact the income for a simulcast operation.

Next week will be exciting. We have two guest speakers, a study session as mentioned above, search committee meetings and two calls to other international equine/racing schools to explore new opportunities. If I am late with next week’s blog don’t be surprised.