What Makes RTIP Students So Successful?

The RTIP offers students many avenues to interact with professionals in the pari-mutuel industry—these opportunities include participating in internships in the U.S. and abroad, and interaction with industry “...

The University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program has produced almost 600 graduates for the pari-mutuel racing industry. With a curriculum designed to develop graduates with management-level skills to fill positions within race track operations, regulatory agencies, breed registries and related businesses, the Program is recognized as the pioneer and leader in its field. The demand for RTIP graduates continues due to the demand for qualified and well-educated personnel in the racing industry.

In support of the Program's educational and outreach missions, we are committed to providing:

  • A business focus that emphasizes professionalism and integrity
  • Experience-based learning through industry internships and interaction with guest lecturers from the industry
  • Personal mentoring to aid in education and career decisions
  • A source of highly qualifies talent for the racing industry
  • Professional development opportunities and information to the racing industry