Executives in Residence Program

In 2006, the RTIP launched a program designed to help racing executives/officials abroad to increase their level of education and gain a working knowledge of racing in North America.

The unique position of the RTIP as the only Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree program specific to the pari-mutuel racing industry makes the RTIP the logical institution to step forward to offer advanced executive-based educational opportunities.

Fast Track Structure

  • No Academic Admissions testing
  • Abbreviated admissions process with credit for work experience
  • J1 Visas easily obtained
  • Versatile enrollment-start any semester
  • Participate for one semester up to one year


  • The Executive in Residence may sit in on all racing classes they feel would be beneficial.
  • The Executive in Residence will be able to participate and attend the annual Symposium on Racing & Gaming and will be included in the RTIP Student Profiles publication.
  • The Executive in Residence will be eligible for an internship after spending at least one semester with the RTIP and participating in a minimum of classroom credit hours.

The Executive in Residence may do an independent study project specific to their organization/countries needs.


  • Application must be made to the RTIP by a recognized racing organization nominating an individual to participate in the program. Participants will be evaluated and approved by the faculty of the RTIP. (The applicant will apply directly to the RTIP and does not need to apply through the admissions department as an international student.)
  • It is expected that the nominee have the educational background, experience in racing and standing in the organization to successfully participate with the RTIP. The participants must be English speaking. Proof of financial support will be required.
  • The Executive in Residence will be expected to give a lecture on some aspects of racing in their own market and collaborate with RTIP students.

Enrollment Information

Contact the program director, Doug Reed, at 520.621.5660 or dreed@ag.arizona.edu