Student Research

In addition to the educational component of the RTIP, outreach to the pari-mutuel industry is an important element. Faculty and student outreach opportunities include research. Initiated by requests from industry organizations or as a result of a personal interest in the topic, faculty and students conduct research projects focussing on industry issues. The results of these projects are published and provided to the industry.

Student research on Model Rule Comparisons can be found in the ARCI Model Rules section of the website.

Student Projects 2010-2011

2011 Survey of Handicapping Contests at Casinos, Racetracks and On-Line

  • PREPARED BY: Ronnie de la Gardelle
  • CLASS: Independent Study
  • Paper

RTIP Student Reports 2010 Symposium–Audio Recordings

This special forum offered RTIP students the opportunity to present their academic projects to Symposium attendees in an informal setting. Listen to our students discuss their projects in the UA's iTunes U. (recorded December 7, 2010)

"RT @NARaceTracks - Social Media in Horse Racing"  |  Candice C. Curtis
Social media has exploded as a way for businesses to interact directly with their customers. How have race tracks adapted to this powerful technology? This project presents the results of the social media survey conducted earlier this year and provides a current snap shot of the industry's  efforts. It also describes some social media best practices to get the most out of your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

"Trifold Look at the Racing Industry"  |  Ernesto Avalos
This project looks at the number of foals, races, and purses in a number of selected jurisdictions in a time series in an effort to show corrections between each.  The project also pinpoints areas of change such as racino legislation to help better understand why certain changes may have occurred over the years.

"Tracking Thoroughbreds in North America - What Happens to Racehorses After the Track?"
  |  Shannon Reynolds
Recreational and competition equestrians are looking for a great horse at value prices. Can the racing industry supply the needs of aging baby boomers and upcoming Olympians? Is there a market for that yearling that just won't sell at auction? The answers may surprise you.

"The implications of Paying Significantly to Last Place"  |  John T. Forbes
This study examines the idea of paying significant money all the way back to last place, as was seen at this summer's Eline Meet at Monmouth Park. It will look at intended and unintended consequences involving implications on field size, handle, preference, purse distribution among horsemen, and competitiveness. The goal of the study is to examine all facets and determine if it is a viable model for the industry.

"Handicapping Handle"  |  Eric Sindler
Exploring how much of handle variance is accounted for by factors and tools that a handicapper typically uses when handicapping a race. Analyze what variance in wager type may also occur.

 Student Projects 2009-2010

Analyzing the Return on Investment of Horses Claimed in 2007

  • PREPARED BY: Andrew Offerman
  • CLASS: Independent Study
  • Paper

Rules & Regulations: Advance Deposit Wagering in the United States and Canada
This class research project is a compilation of ADW rules and regulations in the United States and Canada.

  • PREPARED BY: Eric Sindler
  • CLASS: Independent Study
  • Paper

Update of Racino Legislation in HTA Member States - Version 1.0
This research project, done in conjunction with Harness Tracks of America, analyzes virtually all "racino" legislation passed in the United States, all with PDF links to copies of the legislation and related documents.  Version 1.0 offers legislative analysis from 7 states, and updated versions will continue to track changes to these states as well as add more states.

  • PREPARED BY: Steve May
  • CLASS: Independent Study
  • Paper

Leagues, Commissions, Compacts, and Alliances 
Evaluating alternative regulatory and business models for the American Thoroughbred racing industry

  • PREPARED BY: Eric Smith
  • CLASS: Independent Study
  • Paper

Student Projects 2008-2009

Sponsorship & Racing - Current Market Trends and Consumer Demographics
A study that examines the current sponsorship market in racing using data collected from HTA & TRA member tracks, including sponsor target demographics.

  • PREPARED BY: Alicia Armijo
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2008
  • Paper

Thoroughbred Auctions Analyzing ROI Yearling and Two-Year-Old In Training
This report analyzes the return on investment for three sales companies during 2000 to 2004. It will focus on the 2-year-old in training and yearling auctions of Barretts, Fasig Tipton and Keeneland. The hypothesis is value can be found at any price level and buyers should not be discouraged if they have a limited budget.

  • PREPARED BY: Matthew Carter, Preston Guilmet and J.J. Riesgo
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2007
  • Paper

Student Projects 2007-2008

Perception of Synthetic Surfaces
This project’s purpose is to communicate the perceptions, both positive and negative of the trainer, veterinarians and jockey’s that have been working day in and day out with synthetic surfaces. The goal of the data collection and analysis is to evoke more investigation into the actual issues, both direct and indirect of this synthetic surface phenomenon.

  • PREPARED BY: Brandi Goode
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2007
  • Paper

Student Projects 2006-2007

Slotted for Success? An Update of United States Racino Legislation 2004-2006
This research portrays the changes that have occurred in racino legislation in the United States between 2004-2006. Topics covered within this report include evaluations of states with newly passed racino legislation, newly proposed racino legislation, expansion of existing racino legislation, and Instant Racing®.

  • PREPARED BY: Jordyn Brand & Jason Egan
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2006
  • Paper

The Worse Job in Sports, Racehorse Groom
How trainers of racehorses can manage their human capital in order to increase productivity and heighten barn morale; examines survey data from grooms at Santa Anita Park and Saratoga Race Course.

Student Projects 2005-2006

Customer Comforts: An Exploration of the Racing Experience
This report analyzes the comfort level of the racing fan while at the track. A look at the racing experience: Do your customers prefer a non-smoking section? What do they think of the environment? Are they comfortable using the self-serve machines and/or tellers?

  • PREPARED BY: Heather Belmonte & Sophia Mangalee
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2005
  • Paper

A Survey of Player Rewards Programs at Race Tracks
A look at current information regarding Harness Tracks of America (HTA) and Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) player reward programs. This study examines which tracks have player reward programs, the type of technology being used, who is getting rewarded, and for what are they getting rewarded. In addition, there is a brief look at successful programs in other industries.

Account Wagering - The Future Is Here!
This study provides an inside look at account wagering patrons, their behaviors, and their experiences. The project includes results from a survey of 531 participants, correlations, and a compilation of industry offerings and amenities.

  • PREPARED BY: Jonathan Moss & William Shoup
  • CLASS: AnS 442 Fall 2005
  • Paper | PowerPoint

Independent Study 2004-2005

A Study of Harness Racing's Demographics & Sponsorship Potential
This study examines pari-mutuel handle statistics, on-track attendance, and demographic information. In addition the project seeks to identify alternative means of generating additional revenue for the industry. These revenue streams include advertising opportunities, sponsorship deals for racetracks, sponsorship deals for drivers and trainers, operation of racinos, and increased account wagering.

  • PREPARED BY: Joseph J. Pulli
  • Paper

Past Performance Program Analysis
For any racetrack, the past performance program is the ultimate marketing tool. The strategy of the program director of a racetrack, no matter the breed, strives to offer the most attractive product using tools such as format, content, quality, and quantity. The challenge now is to research, survey, and analyze the programs to study the various schemes that attract customers.

  • PREPARED BY: Jenna Ramirez & Eric Yee
  • Paper

2004 Update on Racino Legislation
2004 Racino Legislation Update - In recent times, many states have been pursuing the expansion of gambling through the approval and implementation of racinos. This Race Track Industry Program study analyzes approved racino legislation, as well as other key 2004 racino developments.

  • PREPARED BY: Mark Mulier & Joseph J. Pulli
  • Paper

Player Rewards Programs at Racetracks
Player rewards program survey, which includes: budgeting, funding, player rewards systems, and player tracking.

The Last Resort
Development of a sound business model for an industry-funded second career and placement program for retired racehorses.

The Exceller Fund
Exceller Fund - Alternatives to slaughter of racehorses after their racing careers has received increasing momentum. Exceller Fund, raises money to purchase and care for ex-racehorses that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. The project is a SWOT analysis and initial recommendations for the Exceller Fund.

  • PREPARED BY: Kate Avalos, Jordyn Brand, Carolyn Canterman, Jess Paquette, & Jenna Ramirez
  • Report

Independent Study 2003-2004

Gaming at the Racetrack: The Effects on the Racing Product
The report examines what has been the impact of the “racinos” on the racing product? The RTIP study looks at the effect on field size, quality of racing, breeding/sales and other vital racing statistics. A statistical model examined the difference in the data trends between all racino states and all non-racino states in the study. In addition the trends of the breeding and racing data was examined within each individual market (the racino states and the surrounding competing racing states.)

  • PREPARED BY: RTIP students-Neil Fernandes, Matt Foszcz, Brody Johnson, Dorothee Ostle, Steve Spears, and RTIP faculty-Steve Barham, Wendy Davis, Douglas Reed
  • Paper
  • Appendix/Graphs (For total report please click on both paper and Appendix)

Independent Study 2000-2001

Racetrack Personnel: A Comparative Study
This report provides some benchmarks within various departments of tracks based on the amount of handle the track receives. The issue of outsourcing and contract labor within the industry was also assessed. Findings are presented using both charts and data tables.

  • PREPARED BY: Scot Waterman, Tora Yamaguchi and Desiree Prudhomme
  • CLASS: AnS 440 Spring 2000
  • Report

Promotions of 1999
A detailed report of track promotions for 1999

  • PREPARED BY: Heather Haviland, Jon Shonk & Pat Bove
  • CLASS: AnS 440 Spring 2000
  • Report

A Survey of Racetrack Marketing Departments
This is a survey of Harness and Thoroughbred Racing Marketing Departments.

  • PREPARED BY: Mike Costanzo, Jennifer Delaittre, Lauren Evans, Tony Galindo, Juli Graham, Heather Haviland, Ki-Sun Kim, Cynthia Madden, Justin McCormick, Andy Moran, Stacia Mumm, Jennifer Paige, Adrienne Pederson, Desiree Prudhomme, Shar Rudland, Richard Scheidt, Pete Selin, Jon Shonk, Jenelle Simpson, Tiffany Stevens, Jennifer Townsend, Whitney Vandermark, Scot Waterman and Tora Yamaguchi
  • CLASS: AnS 340 Spring 2000
  • Report

Independent Study 1998-1999

Analyzing Breed Incentive Programs

  • PREPARED BY: Mike Campbell, Andy Schweigardt, Ryan Sherman, Susan Tanner and Patrick Tobin
  • Report