Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Sept. 15, 2019

Our last stop in Kentucky was the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. RTIP alum Elise Jackson was kind enough to give the students a tour of the facility on her day off.  Students learned how Hagyard is a crucial part of the Keeneland yearling sale that students had visited just a day before as many of the yearlings offered during the September Sale have pre-sale vet work done by the Institute’s vets.  We toured their surgery center where doctors perform medical procedures seven days a week. We also walked through the out-patient housing. Elise also showed us the large hyperbaric chamber where equine patients receive treatments utilizing increased atmospheric pressure and 100% oxygen. To end the tour, we met the institute’s blood donor geldings. Elise explained that geldings are perfect donors since they have no hormonal abnormalities in their blood, thus making them universal donors. All students take ACBS 270 Introduction to Equine Science, and touring Hagyard offered insight into the practical application of this knowledge in a professional setting.


MaryRuth Hodsden