Mentor Lunch

Each year during our annual Global Symposium on Racing, students are encouraged to participate in the Mentor Lunch. This event brings students together with the industry professional of their choice to absorb the information and experiences that they have to offer. The Mentor Lunch provides a critical link for students, as the real-life information provided by the mentors often puts scholastic knowledge into context.

The opportunities to be in a one-on-one situation with industry leaders (often alumni) allow the students to gain insights and narrow in on their personal goals. From the student's perspective, the Mentor Lunch can often be pinpointed as the highlight of their Symposium experience.

Summer Job Connection

Photo of Jayson Campbell and Frank Lamb

Frank Lamb, general manager of Wyoming Downs, is keeping accomplished equestrian Jayson Campbell, busy this summer as an outrider.

Internship Connection

Photo of Smokey Rivera and Janet VanBebber

Thanks to the connection Osvaldo (Smokey) Rivera made with Janet VanBebber of AQHA, he is having a dream summer interning with champion trainer Paul Jones at Riudoso Downs.

International Connection

Photo of Byungun (Leo) Ko and Joe Harper

East meets West when Korean Racing Authority (KRA) Executive in Residence Leo Ko discusses the business with the legendary Del Mar Thoroughbred Club president Joe Harper.