RTIP Alum Jim Mulvihill Talks Marketing and Media

Feb. 25, 2016

Tucson, AZ – Jim Mulvihill, Director of Media and Industry Relations for the NTRA, spoke in both the Race Track Marketing and Media Relations class and the Hirsch Speaker Series to share his experiences with the NTRA and his time in the racing industry.

In the Race Track Marketing and Media Relations class, Jim discussed the role of the NTRA within the racing industry as well as his role in assisting racetracks on big event days by lining up interviews, organizing media, and moderating press conferences. He touched on the current state of racing media and highlighted the disappearance of original content and the emergence of bloggers. Like most racing fans, he found himself diverging from his script to reminisce on his part in American Pharoah’s historic season, citing moments from the post-race press conferences as some of the highlights of his career.

Jim affably shared his time with students outside the class room over coffee and bagels on Wednesday, February 24 in the RTIP office before presenting in the Hirsch Speaker Series. He paid tribute to Joe Hirsch, for whom the class is named, before describing his own career path. He advised students that though they may not receive their ideal job immediately after graduation, they should continue to work to achieve their goals.