Dr. Scott Stanley Explains Drug Testing Procedures

April 8, 2016

Tucson, AZ — Dr. Scott Stanley a Professor at the University of California-Davis and head of the Maddy Lab, spoke in the Advanced Racing Laws and Enforcement class on Wednesday and hosted an impromptu discussion in the Race Track Industry Program office.

Dr. Stanley had originally planned to speak in the Hirsch Speaker Series, but his arrival was delayed. The class was moved to a later time in the RTIP office. He discussed drug testing methods, specifically the use of hair in steroid testing. He also touched on the increased importance of this testing due to stricter anabolic steroid regulations in England.

In the Advanced Racing Laws and Enforcement class, Dr. Stanley discussed the evolution of drug testing in the United States. He highlighted the advances in testing technology and how sensitive equine drug testing has become. He also emphasized the importance of testing labs having strictly followed standard operating procedures in order to ensure that evidence will stand up in court. He debated the pros and cons of zero tolerance versus thresholds and mentioned the work of the RMTC towards uniform medication standards.