Kelly Relates Welfare Issues to Marketing Class

April 8, 2016

Tucson, AZ — Marsha Kelly of MSK Ventures and a consultant for the racing industry discussed the animal rights movement on Tuesday with the Race Track Marketing and Media Relations class.

Marsha began by asking the class whether they considered themselves to be animal welfare or animal rights advocates. Many students answered without knowing the difference between the two, which Marsha was quick to point out. While both are no doubt fueled by people with a passion for animals, animal welfare advocates focus on the humane treatment of animals while animal rights advocates lobby for the complete eradication of human intervention in the lives of animals. After explaining these differences, many students changed their answers.

Marsha detailed the rise of the animal rights movement and shed light on the true agendas of some of its biggest players such as PETA, HSUS, and ALF. She outlined the strategies and tactics of these organizations and encouraged students to do their research and determine the true agenda of any animal-based organization they are involved with.

To best manage issues of animal care effectively, Marsha advised animal industries to establish a good reputation with the media, educate and train employees, exercise strict penalties for violators, and always take the high road when it comes to humane care. Her biggest piece of advice was for animal industries to build relationships with one another to present a united front if challenged.