Judy Horton Examines the State of Wyoming Racing

April 13, 2017

Tucson, AZ — The Race Track Industry Program hosted Judy Horton on Wednesday, April 12. Horton reflected on her experiences in the racing industry in the RTIP’s Joe Hirsch Speaker Series.

Horton grew up in the equine industry, and her father was a Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred trainer. She served as a racing commissioner in Wyoming for eight years, and she currently works as an event coordinator and in public relations for Wyoming Downs.

During her visit, Horton discussed her role as a racing commissioner and some of the politics involved in regulatory positions. She gave an overview of Wyoming’s tumultuous history with legalizing historic racing and the implications that these revenues have on Wyoming’s racing and breeding industries.

Horton also talked about her work with Wyoming Downs and the tentative plans for the 2017 race meet. Among her planned events are a youth weekend to teach children about horse racing, handicapping seminars, and a brew fest. She noted the popularity of the track and that it successfully attracts people from in-state as well as residents from Salt Lake City, Utah.