Starting in Style: Scott Chaney Kicks Off the Semester for RTIP Students.

Sept. 4, 2018


Steward Scott Chaney converses with students
Denise Pharris

Tucson, AZ — On Tuesday, students in the Race Track Industry Program welcomed Scott Chaney as their first guest speaker of the semester. Mr. Chaney, steward for the California Horse Racing Board, treated students in the ACBS 345 -Racing Laws and Enforcement class to a special two-hour extended Q&A. In addition to his experience with the CHRB, Chaney brings in a wealth of knowledge from his time as an attorney and as an assistant trainer.  

Mr. Chaney kicked off the discussion speaking on the influence of issues such as animal welfare and public perception on the use of the riding crop and the current status of the California whip rule. The talking point of public perception segued to the need for transparency. Stewards’ rulings and minutes are posted to the CHRB website, and while the public may not always agree with stewards, Chaney pointed out that the public has the opportunity to see the process followed and application of the rules for each case.

Mr. Chaney also discussed disqualifications, and how the US being a Category 2 country differs from countries that adjudicate races using the Category 1 system. Chaney offered valuable insight for students wishing to pursue careers as racing officials, stressing that while no two incidents will be the same, stewards follow the same process to arrive at their decisions. The students enjoyed a chance at practical application when Chaney asked for their input on the Bayern non-disqualification in the Breeders’ Cup Classic as well as a starting gate incident at Saratoga.