Zach Taylor - 2018 Distinguished Student

Dec. 13, 2018

Zach Taylor found racing later in life – all it took was one trip to Oaklawn and that was it, he was hooked!  Soon he found himself on his way to Arizona. Zach’s time with the RTIP has been a perpetual juggling act. Not only does he work full time with campus health, but also he has completed internships with both the Breeders’ Cup and Thorofan, worked on an independent study project focused on the rules of racing and assists the faculty of the RTIP.  In 2018, he found time to work in the mutuel department at Rillito Park, and he will serve as the assistant general manager for their 2019 meet. By the way, he also finds time to go to class.

Zach’s dedication to his studies and unwillingness to let opportunities pass him by is what makes him a special student. For these reasons, he was named the RTIP’s 2018 Distinguished Student this year at the Global Symposium on Racing.