Ed Martin Visits with RTIP Students

March 4, 2019


On Wednesday February 20, students in the Race Track Industry Program met with Ed Martin who is President of the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI). Before joining ARCI in 2005, Martin was the Executive Director of the New York State Wagering and Racing Board. Students in the Advanced Racing Law class welcomed Mr. Martin to speak about his experience within the racing industry.

If one spends some time with Ed Martin, they quickly realize that he is candid about his opinions and happy to share his past. As a part of ARCI, his ability to offer students a unique perspective on a variety of topics such as ruling consistency, jurisdictional reciprocity, and the use of bisphosphonates in sales horses, made his visit intensely interesting. While discussing the topic of consistency for medication rulings, Martin offered students the analogy of a DUI versus a speeding ticket. Rules and penalties for a DUI are consistent, while the penalty for a speeding ticket can vary depending on where one is and who is pulling them over. Essentially, the difference between Class 1 violations and Class 5 violations are like the DUI and speeding ticket.

Another point of contention Martin discussed was the use of bisphosphonates in yearlings and 2-year olds going to sale. He expressed a concern that their growing use can be at least partially responsible for future injuries or breakdowns. What is interesting to note is Dr. Benson also expressed this concern when she visited with students last spring.