Chaney Addresses California Regulatory Changes

April 4, 2019

Tucson, AZ — On Wednesday April 3, Scott Chaney, Steward for the California Horse Racing Board returned to the University of Arizona to speak with RTIP students. He made his second visit of the academic year to discuss updates to the California racing and regulatory scene. He spoke in the Joe Hirsch Speaker Series and the Advanced Racing Law class.

Students always have an opportunity to voice their opinions during Chaney’s visits, and he furthers discussion by delving into regulations that either support or do not support the positions taken. For this reason, Chaney is one of the most popular guests with the students. In Speaker Series, Chaney did not disappoint, leading the class through a lively discussion of the situation at Santa Anita, asking students for their take on the track closure and the equine fatalities to begin the year that caused it.

In Advanced Racing Law, Chaney continued the California discussion with talks about the proposed race-day medication changes as well as the introduction of a new crop rule. Students were able to read the proposed regulations themselves and offer their opinions on the language of the rule as well as whether they thought the rule changes would have significant impact on racing. Opinions were divided as students are wont to be. However, Chaney was able to give clear insight into how new regulation would impact racing, and how verbiage can limit a statute’s effectiveness.