An Extended Vist With Curtis Linnell

April 25, 2019

Tucson, AZ — Students in the RTIP welcomed Curtis Linnell, Executive Vice President of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB) as a guest professor during the week of April 22. Mr. Linnell spoke to a variety of current topics in the Race Track Organization, Joe Hirsch Speaker Series, and Advanced Racing Law classes.

In Race Track Organization, Mr. Linnell gave the students a broad overview of the TRPB including their inception, history, organizational structure and how the organization interacts with tracks and track management. He finished the class speaking about late odds changes, pool manipulation, and Inter Tote Service Protocol (ITSP) 6.0. He specifically spoke to the improvements over the previous version which have allowed for more international wagering flexibility.

One of the biggest developments within racing is the advent of microchipping for the purpose of identifying horses. In Speaker Series, Linnell spoke about the process and how this technology takes the identification process into the digital age. The combination of the microchip and photos, housed in an online database, function as a digital tattoo for the horses. All foals going forward will utilize this digital method.

In Advanced Racing Law, Linnell discussed fixed races and investigations. He focused much of the discussion on how wagering analysis can trigger investigations and be used in the investigatory process. Irregular betting patterns can play a key role in identifying potential race fixing, Linnell explained, and he also offered students insight into what these betting patterns can look like.