Marsha Kelly Talks Animal Rights and Welfare

April 17, 2019


Tucson, AZ — On April 16, Marsha Kelly, President of MSK Ventures Inc., stopped by the U of A to speak with RTIP students. Ms. Kelly discussed both animal rights and animal welfare and the line that separates the two in the Marketing and Media Relations class.

Few students understand the line that separates animal rights and animal welfare. This was evidenced as Kelly opened her discussion by asking them what type of advocates they consider themselves to be. Many students were unsure initially, changing their responses after hearing the difference. She explained that while both animal rights and welfare are rooted in a passion for animals, the key distinction is that proponents for welfare focus on the humane treatment of animals while proponents for rights advocate the elimination of human interaction with animals.

Ms. Kelly went on to discuss the advent of the animal rights movement, chronicling its development into the movement that it is today. She also delved into the true agenda behind some of animal right’s biggest stakeholders; touching on the strategies and tactics employed by these organizations to further these agendas. Kelly points out that management of animal care issues is simple. She advises animal industries to establish a good reputation with the media, educate and train employees, exercise strict penalties for violators, and always take the high road when it comes to humane care. Furthermore, she suggests that animal industries build relationships with one another to present a united front.