What is a Safety Steward?

May 2, 2019


Tucson, AZ — On May 1, students in the RTIP welcomed Luis Jauregui, Steward for the California Horse Racing Board as a final guest professor for the semester. Mr. Jauregui spoke in both the Joe Hirsch Speaker Series and Advanced Racing Law class about the role of a safety steward in racing.

In the speaker series, Mr. Jauregui discussed the advent of the safety steward. He explained that stewards in this position function as a bridge between the horsemen and the front office. It is the duty of the safety steward to establish and ensure a safe work environment. This includes a responsibility for the enforcement of backside rules as well as making new safety recommendations.

In Advanced Racing Law, Jauregui expounded upon his previous lecture going into the details of what a safety steward does on a day to day basis. He also spoke at length about some of the recommendations made by safety stewards that have been implemented in California. One of the largest contributions made to the sport is the break-away rail. This was a recommendation made at Santa Anita which is now commonplace across the country. Jauregui emphasized that the safety steward is a great benefit to every track because they not only contribute to the safety and welfare of the horsemen, but they protect they integrity of horse racing as well.