Conference Topics

Monday, December 3

Registration opens  |  Opening Evening Reception  |  Opening Exhibits

3:00-5:00pm  |  Catalina Ballroom
NHC Handicapping Contest Workshop | 3:00-5:00 pm
The NTRA is offering a Handicapping Contest Workshop for tournament directors, as well as racetrack GMs, marketing directors and ADW executives. The two-hour session will cover contest formats, marketing tactics, insurance bonus programs, and other factors that can help drive contest participation and revenue. The workshop is free to Symposium attendees.

5:30-6:30  |  Exhibit Area
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, December 4

Complimentary Buffet Breakfast  |  Registration  |  Exhibits  |  Awards Luncheon  |  Evening Reception

Steve Byk, live from the Symposium

7:00-8:15am  |  Catalina Ballroom
Complimentary  Breakfast 

7:00-8:15am  |  Ventana Room
Prayer Breakfast – Hosted by the Race Track Chaplaincy of America
Join RTCA Executive Director Dan Waites and his special guests in a meal 
celebrating fellowship in the racing community.

8:30-9:30am  |  Salon A&B
Keynote Address: Integrity in the World of Commercial Sport

Corruption and even criminality related to illegal gambling on sport is as 
old as sport itself. The horse racing industry worldwide has the longest and most colourful history in dealing with such threats. Adapting lessons from horse racing globally, this presentation gives an international overview of contemporary threats to the “integrity” of sport from illegal gambling 
markets, emerging online platforms, cryptocurrencies but also the threats from within the sports industry. As we approach the hundredth anniversary of one of the biggest fixes 
of all, baseball’s World Series of 1919, this presentation delves into the 
repercussions for all sports arising from the recent US Supreme Court 
decision to liberalise gambling.

Jack Anderson – Professor of Sports Law, Melbourne Law School

9:45-10:45am  |  Salon A&B
The Trifecta for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy
It’s a massive empowerment of audiences consuming content on their own terms, and many of them are now paying to avoid advertising. How to create relevant, personalized moments of engagement that inspire conversion and nurture loyalty in the horse racing Industry through video, mobile content and personalized digital marketing.

Presentation by Yenni Vance, CTA, Digital Communications and Social Media Director, Remington Park / Lone Star Park, Global Gaming Solutions LLC

11:00am-12:15pm  |  Salon A&B
The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Coming to a Track Near You?
The rising popularity of cryptocurrency is resulting in the blockchain 
moving into the mainstream. Described as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions, it can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Is racing ready for the 
change that’s being described as the new internet?

Matt Cackowski – Director of Security, Audit, Compliance, AmTote International 
John J. English – Partner, Managing Director Sports Betting & Technology, Global Market Advisors
Earle G. Hall – CEO, AXES | GSA Blockchain Chair
Sue Schneider – Founder, eGaming Brokerage, Editor-at-Large, Gaming Law Review and Economics

12:30pm  |  Catalina Ballroom
Awards Luncheon

Luncheon and awards presented by the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program, the Racing Officials Accreditation Program and the Turf Publicists of America.

2:00-3:15pm  |  Salon A&B
Mark Kaufman Workshop presented by the Turf Publicists of America: Legalized Sports Betting Opportunities – How Can the Industry’s 
Marketers Create an Upside for Horse Racing?
With several states already operating legal sports books and more on the way, panelists discuss how the industry can reach the sport betting audience who fit a natural demographic for a crossover to horse racing.

Michael Grodsky – Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, William Hill US
Christopher Larmey – Chairman, NHC Players' Committee, The National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Jeff Lowich – Sr. Director Retail Ops. & Industry Relations, TVG Network, Betfair US
Brian Skirka – Marketing Director, Monmouth Park Racetrack and Sports Book (Moderator)

2:00pm  |  Salon C
International Tote Protocol Meeting (Begins after luncheon)

A working group discussion about issues and solutions to problems regarding the protocol for merging pools on an international basis.

Open to any interested attendee.

3:30-4:30pm  |  Salon A&B
Tools of the Regulatory Trade: Insuring Integrity in Racing
The integrity of the participants of the race is more important than ever; 
many tracks and regulators are adopting policies and procedures to insure that horsemen who participate in the sport are well-vetted. From improved trainer’s exams, attributed to a decrease in program trainers and drug 
positives, to tracks with enhanced requirements for participation and 
exclusion policies used when the quality of horsemanship is called into 
question, participants discuss the reality of taking a stand for integrity.

Jill Cathey – Founder, A Cathey Testing System, ACTS
Jennifer Durenberger – NYRA Regulatory Veterinarian, ROAP Board Member
Jeff True – President and General Manager, Ruidoso Downs
Scott Wells – President & General Manager, Global Gaming RP, LLC

3:15-5:15pm  |  Exhibit Area
RTIP Student Presentations

4:30-5:30pm  |  Salon A&B
How Positive Events Focused on the Horse Translate to Positive 
Returns at the Track
A survey completed by a global public relations firm revealed the number one cause among people in this country is animal welfare. Panelists discuss how we can enhance the public image of racing through activities that bring people up close and personal with the horse and illustrate the industry’s dedication to them.

Anne Hardy – Executive Director, Horse Country Tours
Katie LaMonica – Charities Manager, Godolphin
Jim Mulvihill – Sr. Director, Betting Information, Churchill Downs Inc. (Moderator)
Jen Roytz – Executive Director, Retired Racehorse Project

5:30-6:30pm  |  Exhibit Area
Evening Recepton

Wednesday, December 5

Complimentary Buffet Breakfast  |  Exhibits  |  Mentor Luncheon  |  Evening Reception

7:00-8:15am  |  Catalina Ballroom
Complimentary  Breakfast 

Steve Byk, live from the Symposium

8:30-9:30am  |  Salon A&B
Sports Betting: Coming to a Jurisdiction Near You

Panelists present an overview of jurisdictions that are currently offering 
sports wagering or are in the adoption phase. What lessons have already 
been learned and what revenues might be expected to come to racing?

Chris Krafcik – Managing Director, Political and Regulatory Markets, Eilers & Krejcik Gaming LLC
Kate C. Lowenhar-Fisher – Practice Group Chair - Gaming, Dickinson Wright, PLLC
Richard McGuire – Executive Chairman, Sportech PLC
Alexander M. Waldrop – President & CEO, NTRA

9:45-11:00am  |  Salon A&B
Sports Betting: A Friend or Foe in the New Era of Sports 
and Gaming Competition?

Panelists look at issues surrounding sports betting from both the regulatory and integrity perspective as well as it’s potential integration into the racing landscape. What will this new world look like?

Scott J. Daruty – Executive Vice President Content & Media, The Stronach Group
Scott Finley – Country Manager, Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) (Moderator)
Bill Knauf – Vice President Business Operations, Monmouth Park Racetrack
Dean McKenzie – Director, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc
Sam Swanell – CEO, PointsBet

11:15am-12:30pm  | Salon A&B
The Value of Supporting Racing’s Core Product and Players
From giving back what many believe is due the player by changing the rules on the distribution of breakage to enhancing the customer experience at the track to finding an avenue by which the fan can become a vested partner in the racing industry, panelists explore a number of ways to focus on improving our core product and better serving our customers.

Michael Amo – Member, New York Racing Fan Advisory Council
Steve Byk – Host, At the Races with Steve Byk, SiriusXM (Moderator)
Patrick Cummings – Executive Director, Thoroughbred Idea Foundation
Christopher Larmey – Chairman, NHC Players' Committee, The National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Matt Vance – Vice President of Operations, Global Gaming RP, LLC

12:30-2:00pm  | Ventana Room
Mentor Lunch (By invitation)

2:00-3:00pm  |  Salon A&B
Consistency, Transparency and Competitive Racing
Highly competitive races that are regulated with consistency and transparency are a benefit to all in the racing industry and are the goal of the officials who oversee the “play on the field.” Panelists look at new tools available that offer enhanced information for the regulators of the sport to utilize as well as new approaches for classifying horses with the aim to create more competitive races. The differing philosophies of how races are adjudicated across the globe will also be discussed; the United States is using a much different approach, is it time for a change?

Patrick Cummings – Executive Director, Thoroughbred Idea Foundation
Dan Fick – Accredited Steward and ROAP Board Chairman
Mark Mennear – Senior Consultant, Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd
Dave Siegel – Chief Executive Officer, TrackMaster

3:15-3:45pm  |  Salon A&B
Is it Possible That Horse Racing is One Referendum Away From 
Disappearing in Your Jurisdiction? Lessons Learned From the Greyhound Industry.
Marsha Kelly shares the pressures faced by the greyhound industry focusing on the passing, in November, of an amendment to Florida's constitution that phases out all greyhound racing by 2020. With Florida being the home of 11 of the 17 greyhound tracks currently operating in the country, there is great uncertainty in the rest of the industry.

Marsha Kelly – Principal, MSK Ventures, Inc.

3:45-4:30pm  |  Salon A&B
Technology to Take Racing into the Future
Sports and racing fans are driven by statistics – participants introduce new technologies and methodologies to track, enhance, and present the details of racing’s facts and figures to improve information for existing fans, create new players, and to entice sports players to wager on racing.

Dave Siegel – Chief Executive Officer, TrackMaster
Paul von Hippel – Associate Professor of Public Policy, Sociology, Statistics and Data Science, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin and Total Performance Data

4:30-5:30pm  |  Exhibit Area
“Beers” to You! (Wrap Party)
Taste the local flavors of Tucson and the Southwest.